BIO POWER ATP: Zero Water Retention

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BIO POWER ATP: Zero Water Retention

bioPOWER ATP!!!!



bioPOWER ATP is the ultimate creatine transport system, formulated to achieve optimal assimilation into the muscle cell while eliminating the need to consume insulin spiking sugars.

● Chelated Creatine technology for explosive muscle contractions and reps!

● Creatine chelate is “molecularly bonded” creatine. This transports the pure creatine molecule straight into the muscle cell.

● bioPOWER bypasses cyclization, which is the process of creatine turning into creatinine (waste product). By doing so, you’re getting 100% absorption of creatine.

● Water molecule free. Zero water retention and no bloating.

● Noticeable differences in as little as 5 days with a harder, leaner physique and increase in strength.

● Safe and effective for women as well!