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Clean Energy – All day – No Jitters – Focus & Mood Enhancer

We got tired of seeing so many pill form “fat burners” full of caffeine and no real fat burning ingredients! So we made a powder that can kill fat and increase your engergy levesl without making you sick 1,000mg of Fat burning Carnitine Tartrate, 250mg of Theobromine, Vitamin B12, White Willow Bark… The list goes on.

We took our time, we didnt try and create a placebo fat burner overpacked with caffeine. We created a true formula to help you lose weight safely and effectively. Perfect 10 is great on its own daily as a fat buurner first thing when you wake up. It can also be taken as a preworkout at 45 Servings. You can also 2 Scoop on days you workout to increase its effects or take 1 scoop of Vicous and 1 scoop of Perfect 10 on workout days, and 1 scoop of Perfect 10 every morning on non workout days.

Flavors: True Watermelon and Cherry Apple (Blood Apple)