Hottie Assist

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Hottie Assist

HOTTIE ASSIST – A Weight loss and Energy, Mood Stabilizer

Two products inside one bottle!

Let’s be honest, every busy girl could use a little help: The on-the-go, taking care of business, pressed for time lifestyle, leaves little time for the hard work that goes into that beautiful body.

Finally there's a product to serve as your very own personal assistant! 

HOTTIE ASSIST is a 30-day weight loss and energy, mood stabilizer with an added 7-day diuretic product, which will combat monthly water retention and bloating.

Today's women, aka the "Hotties,” often take some sort of “pre-workout” before spin class, hot-yoga, weight lifting, hiking or any other number of physical activities they participate in to stay active and fit. And every “Hottie” has her favorite diet and energy pill or combo to stabilize her mood for the day. A real “Hottie” girl doesn’t like to be insulted by BULL$#%T pickup lines or ripped off by those cheap pink diet pills that NEVER work! For this type of Hottie, Psycho Pharma has an Assistant!

Important directions:                                  

Take 1 red capsule for weight loss and energy as a daily mood stabilizer. You may take an additional capsule separated by 5 hours. NEVER take 2 red capsules at one time!

Take 2 yellow capsules (1400 mg Dandelion Root extract per day) for 7 straight days. Yellow capsules are not intended for more than 7 days use. This will help the body shred and to relieve excess water retention.


Women will see a decrease in abdominal fat and will have less fat in the hips!

The RED capsule is for daily weight loss, focus and mood.

Panthergy™ (N2,4 -methylpentyl-iminoglutaricAcid): is a metabolite in the body and an exclusive Nootropic to Psycho Pharma. Its’ “Kush feeling” will have you smiling on the inside.

Synephrine Hydrochloride: is in a league of its own as a weight-loss supplement and has effects on the body like reduced appetite, increased metabolism, and fat burning.

Rauwolfia vomitoria Root Extract: Works by blocking alpha-2 receptors to increase the flow of blood to the hips and butt areas. Women will see a decrease in abdominal fat and will have less fat in the hips! 

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl: Helps body fat reduction by transporting fatty acids into muscle cells for fat burning, which helps reduce fatty acid buildup and fat stores. 

Halostachine: Is a natural product known as having similar effects of synephrine, and to the alkaloid ephedrine.

Theobromine: Is a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant and is a vasodilator (a blood vessel widener), a diuretic (urination aid), and heart stimulant.

Octopamine: Stimulates fat cell lipolysis and promotes glucose transport (converts fat to fuel).

N-Methyl L-Tyramine “NMT” increases cardiac output by helping circulate oxygen and stimulate gluconeogenesis. NMT also causes the brain to release more norepinephrine, allowing you to experience euphoric energy.

The YELLOW capsules are a 7-day watershed formula

Dandelion root extract: Is used to increase urine flow, which will cure that puffy, bloated feeling. It has also shown to cleanse and shed excess water weight. Dandelion Root can support weight loss, however, this should not be used long-term!

Typical use is a 7-day period once per month.